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voip beginners

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    I need advice on hardare & software needed to run VOIP, as a beginer, I’m running a network of 15 computers on tcp/ip on peer to peer to basis & connected to the internet by 1 MBPS modem.

    Harris Coltrain

    Are you trying to communicate only on the LAN side or do access to Branch Offices, PSTN etc?


    Dear Harris, Thanks for your reply.I was trying to use voip through the Internet & communicate with people all over the world.


    I am also interest to know hardware use to connect this VoIP circuit to the PSTN.
    I will also be interest to know whitch software can be use to setup prepaid service for VoIP


    Are you using NAT? Are you looking for free service?

    If you are using NAT, that will lead into issues of what type of NAT you are using. i.e. full cone, port restricted cone, symmetric etc… If you have XP and windows messenger you can use uPNP on various devices to get the calls working. OR you would have to get public IP addressing OR you could buy a firewall with the proper protocol ALG.

    You could always go with Windows messenger on the PC with a microphone and make calls through OR you could go to and get an open source proxy and use windows messenger to make calls between various endpoints assuming the proxy knew the addresses of the remote endpoints.


    you are not in the subject Rommel, we talk about Carreer class VoIP, also call VoIP trunk.


    I’m also a newbie to VoIP and have been tasked with setting up VoIP between four offices in 3 states. Each office only has a couple folks but we need to communicate very regularly (2-3 times per day)

    Is VoIP a good idea? If so what do we need to make it work?


    I am running a cafe in surat.India. I have a cable conection and an ISDN line.
    At present i can make voip calls from server only.
    I am using Proxy server. I cannot make calls from nodes.
    Is there an epabx sort of thing, available for VOIP calling.
    kindly advice how to commercially implement voip in cyber cafe.


    Dear Shabbir, I’m quite interested in your reply, mind telling me on how did u configure your cafe, What type of software & hardware used to enable you to make calls from your server?


    For having a good quality in calls in an internet cafe you should use a VOIP gateway, are from 2,6, 8 ports, each port will go for one booth cabin, this gateways compress the call better than a computer and gives you a better voice quality.


    Adilla 55,
    My cafe is presently on win 2000 and winroute proxy.


    how to develop voip software like webtalk, pal talk etc?

    Samir Ahsan

    Hi Shabbir

    I think u can it by using a 4 port Voice Gateway from vendors like Mediatrix, or even cisco..


    U can purchase minutes from some service privider who can assign u a pin number and a dialer thgh which u cam make VoIP Calls


Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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