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Difference between IP Telephony and VoIP

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    Varchas Ramila Subrahmanya

    Could anyone tell me what’s the difference between IP telephony and VoIP. Are they synonymous? I feel that IP telephony is a smaller subset of VoIP dealing with the inter-operability of IP and PSTN. Please do correct me if I am wrong.

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    IP Telephony is a marketing term, VoIP is a like term dealing with the type of technology.

    IP Telephony has come to mean various things.

    It started out as IP Phone based deployments, and has come to mean VoIP.

    VoIP is always what it has been, voice over IP.

    To answer you question, Yes, kinda synonymous depending who you talk to.

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    it’s a moot point rather like the ‘softswitch’ term. I have always interpreted ‘IP telephony’ as being pure IP from handset to handset, as rommel says, whereas VoIP involves the use of gateway devices to convert digital/analog voice to IP packets.

    However I agree that the terms have become interchangeable, maybe erroneously.

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    VoIP and IP Telephoney are used interchangeably.

    Its basically, Voice over RTP over UDP over IP over Layer2.
    Now the question is that what will be your Layer2. Is it ATM, FR, X.25, etc.

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    One very basic difference – In VoIP, the user is oblivious of the fact that his voie is actually being carried over IP. Hence the POTS telephone instrument at his/her house remains the same, where as the difference is only at the back end, while in IP telephony u communicate through your COmputer of any other H323 terminal

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    how does ip telephoney work exactly

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    I tend to refer to VoIP as the transport and IP telephony dealing with the technologies providing end services, such as handsets, softphones, VXML applications, etc.

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    The ITU has defined IP Telephony and VoIP as interchangable. I am not saying they are right, but in that standards organization it is the accepted meaning.

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    IP Telephony is becoming a Superset of VoIP. VoIP is more specific of voice transport. IP Telephony is broader and includes CTI applications. Sending the CDR over IP is an IP Telephony application but it is not VoIP.

    Marketing types are bending the rules.

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    Varchas Ramila Subrahmanya

    Marshall: I did not understand what sending cdr over IP means? What is CDR?Sorry for this dumb question…

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    Jose Quintero

    It´s simple

    IP TElephony is an applcationof VoIP


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    Varchas Ramila Subrahmanya

    Then what are the other applications of VoIP Jose?

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    Jose Quintero


    Here some:

    CTI Applicactions, Voice Portal, Web Call center, Click and Talk, Class IV replacement, Class V replecement, etc.

    POrtal Web

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    CDR is Short of Call Detail Record used for Billing and tracking is that right Marshall

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    omprakash dubey

    see. Ip telephone is Diff. VOIP is diff its all depend upon tech.which
    you are VOIP only simple
    phone we can use. but in IPtele.we
    use VIOP+IPphone.

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