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VoIP over a LAN

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    Dear sirs

    My name is Omid Darvishi and I am a student of communication engineering. My final university project is about “Voice over IP”.For the first step of this project I intend to implement VoIP over a LAN .For getting started I need resources that cover this issue.Unfortunately or fortunately VoIP is such a completely new topic in our country that there is no book about it in our university library and hardly any in bookstores.

    Nevertheless I’ve read Mr Uyless Black’s book “Voice over IP”,Prentice Hall and Mr Alan Johnston’s “understanding the SIP”,Artech House,and of course some white papers and tutorials available on the Internet.As I mentioned I want to start with VoIP over a LAN and also using only microphones,speakers and sound cards and a software written in C++ in a windows platform as well.

    But unfortunately almost all things I have read speak about generals such as the motivation for IP telephony ,fundamentals of VoIP,the benefits and drawbacks ,the barriers and solutions and so on while I need more detailed things such as how to capture voice ,buffer it and play back the buffered voice,how to packetize the digitized voice and transmit it to the other part and so on that are not covered in the materials I have studied yet.

    Perhaps all those things that I described can’t be gathered under a unique topic. Anyhow I need some resources on the ‘Net to complete my project but the more I have searched the Internet the less I have found.Indeed I am tired of asking anyone searching and not finding. So could you please tell me where can I find such materials (preferably free ones),or at least who can answer my question?

    I’m not a skillful programmer so any good resources on network and socket programming in C++ can be useful as well.

    I’m looking forward your helpful answer.

    With Best Regards.

    Tom Howard

    Try visiting the OpenH323 Project. They provide an OpenSource H.323 protocol stack which is great if you programme in C++. The documentation is pretty bad, but there is a good mailing list for support.

    Also, a good reference book on H.323 and SIP is Carrier Grade Voice over IP by Daniel Collins.

    Tabratas Tharom

    Try to access

    there are lots of materials that VoIP-related in that sites…

    Then,, join the mailing list and you will get your questions being answered there…


    hi omid…my name is khairil. I think i have the same problem as you are. i’m doing my project about voip too and have the same problem like you.
    I hope you can mail me tu discuss and exchange any information about voip.

    my email is


    Hey I have the same problem too, but first I am looking for integrated solutions keep in touch.
    my email is


    I am building a VoIP application using SIP. I am coding using VC++. What I am seeking to do is to collect the voice packets from the mic/ audio i/p device and transmit it over the LAN thro’ the application I am making. Can you please tell me how I can do this?

    Thankyou very much.


    i am a student of MS computer sci. i decided to write thesis on VOIP plzzz help me regarding this issue

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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