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Message for students/voip beginners

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    You can find lots of info on VoIP via the following:

    1) Go to search engine
    2) Type ‘voip’

    There are a bewildering array of free resources on the web and I’m sure I’m not alone in getting annoyed at every thread being met with a bombardment of ‘please send info’ from some student in Vietnam or India.

    If you’re not intelligent enough to find the info yourself – you’re not intelligent enough to get a job in VoIP..


    Martin:- I think your reply are very harsh towards those students, there are number of people who love helping the comunity.



    I agree with you Sajjad. I dont think he was born as he is now.He should relise that he was once student him self.

    krishna chytanya n.

    i am trying to port linux version voip to windows.i recorded bufferful data using waveinput function provided by windows API
    in recvfrom function the second orgument is not a buffer but a can i send this buffer to recvfrom function.please help me.


    i want know the jobs in voip


    I am surprised of the level of arrogant some people have do not be proud of what you know you can lose it all. Anything could happen I know a lot of stories one of them is the late super man.

    Teodor Georgiev

    Martin is very right!!!
    90% of the questions can be answered very well by Google.
    And he is true that 90% of the really annoying DUMB questions are asked by individuals from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and etc.

    I am on the forums/mailing-lists since 1999th… And think I have enough of experience to claim such things.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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