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IP PBX using IAX in snome VoIP Phone

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    I am lookin for a IP PBX solution for a small virtual s/w co with 15 SOHO staff in 10 different cities in 2 differnt countries, & not a lot of capital so the 3Com, Mitel, Ciscos
    ArtiSoft Televantage etc
    solutions are outa here…

    So it looks like it is either
    for a PBX,

    Then we were looking at these Linux based VoIP phones
    running ether the base H323/SIP or astrix claims their implemenation of IXA provide easier install bcus
    signal & bearer prto (voice stream) are the in same packet & only one udp port so no problem with NAT
    & higher quality due to less packet overhead compare to RIP..

    Then some FXO Hardware to support the VoIP-POTS gateway in the PBX
    2-4 lines ..

    The real issue is Free LD & the ability to conference LD.. not so much the POTS to VoIP but the interCompany commuication …

    comments on these selection or a btter way to solve the problem

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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