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Why VoIP?

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    Leo Wang

    Why VoIP?

    I don’t think voice over IP is a good solution. Why can’t we treat voice and IP/data as the same layer(level) service? Isn’t there a transport technology that can support voice and IP simultaneously?


    Hi wang,

    well good question i must say, but u forgot one thing man and that is bandwidth.You cannot allocate the same bandwidth for voice and data, even if u do that it would not be logical coz voice is delay sensitive whereas data is not. Even if ur data packets get misordered they can be collected at remote end and re ordered so that u never come to know whats happening, whereas if u do this to voice, u will speak good morning from ur end and will recieve the response after some minutes from the other end, which i suppose, u would never like to have. Thats why we treat voice and data separately inspite of packetizing both of them
    hope that serves the purpose.



    In a VOIP network,there is both Data and Voice.The Data might be an ISP or a Satellite link.And the Voice might me a E1 or T1,depending on the standard.As Vivek stated,you have to think about the bandwith allocation.If you transmit Voice and Data over the same link,Voice quality will be shaddy…


    VoIP brings about the promise of a converged network, thus bringing down capital expenditures as well as operational expenditures. e.g. One network to buy equipment for, one network to staff for.

    Those deploying VoIP dont treat the traffic the same, various Quality of Service techniques are used to ensure voice quality. Look up the stuff done on the IntServ camp as well as the DiffServ folks.

    You can do both voice and data on the same links, you just have to know how to build your network.

    Dwayne P. Shrum

    What about VoFR with PVC’s dedicated for voice and also PVC’s dedicated for IP traffic seperately? You could use, say, a Cisco router with T-1 voice interface to slam the VoFR traffic and then IP encapsulate in frames to go down same frame line but different logical dlci for pure non-voice data traffic. Wouldn’t this be same as what Leo was asking for… same transport and simultaneous support?



    Hello dear vivek, I read your reply, but I believe that data network is more delay sensitive than voice network and that is what happening presently.So please send me reply to this

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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