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Where can I download FREE VoIP softwares

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    I am also looking at some sort of VOIP implementation in my organization. I am the IT guy for the entire Hawaii region for my company. I have been reading about the benefits of VOIP so now I am trying to built an project to put it to use. I have been in touch with PingTel and I am about to place an order with them for a SIPexchange server and some hard and soft phones.
    Eventually I would like to move all 500 users on out LAN to VOIP phones.

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    Can any one guide me a suitable JTAPI implementation..with detailed….methodology.

    I am working on a product called Corporate VoIP (SIP) using j2sdk1.4.0.

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    I am working for my summers in the college with the topic VoIP. With a pretty good base on networking and data and voice networks I have gone through a lot of options for my project like itRings! a telephone-to-PC software, Virginia community college network etc. But my problem is that the options I have gone through doesnot fit to the limited scope of a college project. Can anyone guide me in this matter???

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    Try this website guys.

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    I have a cisco 1700 series + 1 fxs voice card.
    How can i make voip telephony work .
    I must connect the router to the voice gateway?
    mail mr

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    Connect the ethernet port of the router (interface ethernet0) to a live conection to the internet.
    The router ethernet port will need a public I.P. address to make it easy.
    Setup the router for VOIP. Select the CODEC,Default gateway, I.P. address,H323 gatekeeper and so on.
    Test that from the router you could ping the I.P. address of the gatekeeper and or other gateway (remote).
    Plug a phone on the FXS port, dial out the remote number and if eveything works you will be doing VOIP.

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    I was browsing around for VOIP software and one of my searches led me here.. I can see lot’s of people don’t know what software is available..
    Well I have been using Speakfreely for over a year now and it works.. It’s open source, versions for windows and linux are available (including other platforms). It’s very configurable and has so many features. Give it a try: (windows version) (*nix version

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    I need info for Nortel Networks VoIP Exams 920-801
    Can you give me this ?
    Thanks you

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    Kapil Dhawan

    I need to know some links where i can get free versions for softphones supporting G723 or G729
    for my sip server

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    Chung Wang

    The PicoPhone uses a single UDP port for VoIP. It can configure and work with NAT, because there is only one port forwarding.

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    Deepak Mittal

    I am looking for setting up a H323/PSTN gateway using a voice modem. Can anyone help or give pointers for the same? What modem should I use?


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    Anyone have the Picophone source codes? They have been taken off their website.

    Used to be for the version 1.4 listed as

    Im working on a project and your help is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks 🙂

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    I need info for Nortel Networks VoIP Exams 920-801
    Can you give me this ?
    Thanks you

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    swetha b

    hi everyone,where can i download source codes satisfying the folowing conditions:
    1)implementing peer to peer communication
    2)for VOIP using SIP
    3) on windows platform?

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    What’s the best way to pass the NCCS VoIP exam. Witch books and documents I have to learn?

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