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VoIP better than VoFR?

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    Hi guyz, can anyone tell me how can i prove that voip is better than voFR…. in other words, what are the advantages of voip vis a vis voice over frame relay which can convince a customer to go for voip. Also if any one of you can suggest me some websites which show a comparison chart kind of a thing, i would be obliged,
    adios and thanx in advance,


    Use as an argument fact that with VOIP you can utilise dinami bandwith Allocation , but not fr.


    the voip industry is very hot right now!!!!

    What kind of things are you doing?


    Hi steve,

    I work for a company which is business partner of Avaya communications in India. Nowadays I’m working on the testing compatability of H.323 endpoints with our IP PBX.

    whats up on ur side


    What is your real question? Which standard is wildspread? SIP,H.323…

    Peter Thomsen

    Hi Vivek.

    The FR Forum are going away from native VCoFR and the new upcoming things will be that your voice must be encapsulated in IP and then over FR. You need the FRF11 or even better FRF12 standards to carry voice over FR. The bigger vendors will, on VoIP, support both H.323 and SIP. SIP is the emerging standard from ETSI and 3GPP for UMTS or 3G mobile telephony. With UMTS Rel.5, it is pure IP, no more Circuit Switched. Put your money on VoIP, not over FR, but native IP. With the emerging CoS and QoS coming up for IP, you will not have a problem (MPLS, DiffServ etc.). The latest gig is AToM, All Traffic over MPLS, where you can carry IP, PPP, HDLC and ATM (AAL5 and AAL2).

    Have a great day.

    Dwayne P. Shrum

    The most obvious factor as to why VoIP is “better” is cost. If you impliment a VoFR solution, and never consider VoIP as a posibility, you will end up with equipment, configuration, and lines setup for only your voice application. Non-voice data can’t use the paths since there is no routable traffic. It is the common use of the data infrastructure (i.e. IP WAN) that helps to justify the costs when it carries both classes of service. True that there are additional burden’s placed on the MIS folks to get the proper net in place and working, but if used properly, will save money in the mid term.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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