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Has someone tried vacaltec.are they good

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    i was wondering if anyone out there has tried vocaltec.if you have pls tell us about their quality.and do you if their 8 port gateway comes with an imbedded ivr and calling card billing system.


    IVR included, billing solution can be bundled.

    Quite a Good product, quality is good.


    I would also like some info on their products. I have tryed getting in touch with them through email but I have not gotten a response as yet.

    It has been 4 weeks since ive sent several emails to sales and information and nothing.


    Vocaltec and CISCO serves different purposes. Vocaltec is really good for big corporate, or Enterprise solutions, verse CISCO which is very good mostly for small companies


    Do you know of any independent whitepapers that support your thought of Vocaltec being good for corporations and Cisco being good for small businesses?


    Lenard –

    I would be interested to see where you got your information. I would have a hard time believing that cisco or vocaltec is relegated solely to smb/enterprise type offerings. If you have this information, you should send it to the domestic and international service providers that are using cisco and vocaltec in their VoIP networks.


    I already sent it to AT&T. Sorry I should probably mention Lucent , Nortel , and RAD digital switches in our conversation , but they weren’t under discussions here . also, you may check up ITXC.NET, if you already did. it’s give you better understanding why I do think so.


    I would recommend working with Cisco over Vocaltec. You can easily download their manuals and they have an online configuration tool. You do not have to engage a sales person until you are ready to.


    Operational difficulties in installation not always justify by quality of product Cisco tech support very close to night mares plus it is very expensive .


    Anyone here interop Cisco and VocalTec Gatekeeper interdomain before? Please advice.


    FYI…ITXC does deploy Cisco and Vocaltec to the best of my knowledge. as they are an IXC, I still find it hard to believe you think both companies belong in the enterprise space, especially since I have been working with folks on service provider voice for a number of years.


    Does anyoune can tell price for VocalTec analogue 4/8 ports GW (FXO/FXS)
    How good is Answering and Disconnecting supervision with this GW.
    What is price for Billing which goes with VocalTec


    VocalTec is Dialogic / Audiocodes PC based gateway. No answer supervision last I knew. It’s been two years since dealing with them. Billing is MIND CTI or the old Telephony Experts TGBM (Discontinued) which they may have bought the software resell rights. You will pay for port or session licensing.

    Look at Quintum, they have answer supervision on their analog boxes, and really are made for enterprise and carrier markets. Port per Port costs you will pay a price for the Dialogic ports and audiocodes typically has a royalty fee included in the price.

    No answer supervision for VT?


    Hello. I am not familiar with Vocaltec, but is is true that they don’t have answer supervision?

    This is a bit hard to imagine, as Vocaltec have a good reputation on their PC based analog GW’s, so I figured that they must have anser supervision and voice activity detection…

    Do they have them or not?


    I worked for a company in the past that actually supplied VocalTec with a billing platform for their gateways. We also provided answer supervision hardware off of a dialogic platform. Being a Dialogic based software company we too were suprised they didn’t haven’t answer supervision in their gateways, since it’s a Dialogic Globalcall product. I know there were several companies back in the day (2+ years ago) we supplied our Dialogic based supervision platform to them that ran on VocalTec gateways. If they have today I don’t know. You may want to contact VocalTec directly. Tnet mostly deals in quintum hardware today, whereby their analog gateways have supervision built in. Otherwise I would look at Pleadise channel banks that can handle this supervision pretty much the same way Quintum does with thier analog units.

    I hope this helps. let me know if you have more questions

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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