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Ensemble VoIP gateway

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    Dan Wolde

    Has any one used Vive’s Ensemble VoIP gateway and their software for calling card business operation?

    If you have can you please give some info on how you did it? I mean what equipments are involved from start to finish to accomplish the calling card business?


    Dan Wolde


    we ditributes VIVE VoIP gateways
    in Russia.
    I know the company in Kazahstan who really use VIVE for prepaid-calling. Their e-mail adress:

    [Webmaster’s note: Contact details removed. This advertisement should have been placed on our Telecom Commerce Forum.]


    Hi Sergey

    can you please e-mail me their e-mail addrsss

    [Webmaster’s note: Please continue this discussion on the Telecom Commerce Forum.]


    I bought an ensemble gateway from before i could setup and configure, the sales rep who has assisted me left the company. afew weeks later it seems the company nolonger existed. I am still with the gateway unable to set it up.
    If you manage to get help, please extend it to me also

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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