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Cisco gateway configuration

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    Max Power


    I want to configure a cisco 1750 so when all 4 lines are busy it will forward the calls to another IP so the person that is calling doesn’t get a busy signal. Is this possible ?

    I know that a posible solution will be to use a gatekepper but I haven’t found one. Any recomendations will be apreciated.

    And one last question. Is there a way to use our 1750 to do prepaid calling cards service?

    Thank you so much in advance,


    Brian Etheredge

    Hi Mario…Which IOS release are you running on your 1750?

    By your verbage “gatekeeper”, I’m assuming an IP gateway of some sort. Different gateways use resources differently. Some gateways are designed to treat voice traffic like streaming media (H.323), others use a routing protocol like MGCP, others use layer 2 protocols like Frame Relay for fragmentation and prioritizing traffic. Can you be more specific?

    Also, the 1750 router is designed for small offices, and if you want to use it for large-scale applications (like prepaid calling cards) you will be over-tasking your hardware.


    Currently, the 1750 does not support IP – IP calling. Since you are talking about a GK, I assume you are talking about H.323. If you can find a GK vendor that supports either GKRCS and empty cap set in H.245 you can achieve this.
    If your are talking about MGCP, it would be the functionality of your Call Agent to provide that rerouting functionality.
    If you are talking about SIP, then it would depend on the feature server and its ability to fork invites.


    Thank you very much for the information. As the gateways are working with h323 I think there is not a way to implement a calll forwarding method.

    We can receive calls in Mexco, only 4 lines if we can’t solve this problems. But maybe you can use many IP’s instead of just one.



    Dear Max

    Could you Send me e-mail i have same problem like you


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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