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Help meeeeeeeeeeee

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    If I have a gateway which is using H.323 connected to the internet permanent.
    I can make out going calls but I can get incoming calls as I have no Number for my Gateway. Yes if someone has the same gateway they can make a phone call to me as then make a phone call to my using my gateway ID.
    But I wana make it possible for those who does not use VOIP who uses PSTN so they can make a phone calls to me.

    Probably it is not possible but if it is then please help me.


    Sajjad what is the brand of your GW , Give more tetails about it ,then only any one can reply you


    Dear Nasir

    The gateway is unbranded.
    What I am trying to say that I can make calls to pstn VIA my gateway. But I can not get incoming calls from any PSTN as my gateway does not have a PSTN line connected to it. Since my gateways is not known on the pstn how can it be called from pstn ???.
    Its like you can make pc to phone calls but how can you make phone to PC calls ??.



    hi still you are in VOIP Bussiness
    Are you in Lahore ?


    You are probably using an FXS unit for the internet connection. You need an FXO unit that will connect to the PSTN.

    Your FXS can be configured to dial to the FXO; the FXO will then trunk your call to the PSTN and vice versa.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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