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Call forwarding

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    I am trying to establish call forwarding option on my AS5300 box and Cisco ATA 186.

    AS5300 is acting as a VoIP gateway.
    Here is few scenarios:

    Let’s say Telco assigned me next DID’s
    212-777-0000 to 212-777-0099.
    I am getting DID’s through PRI connected to AS5300.
    AS5300 is a VOIP gateway, which is connected to VOIP network.

    Scenario 1 :

    If someone will call from anywhere in the world to the number :
    212-777-0001 it will be automaticly forwarded to our office in UK 44-…. through our VOIP network or any other number.
    Question : How configuration should be done for such scenario for call forwarding option.

    Scenario 2:
    if someone will call number 212-777-0002 from anywhere in the world, his call will be forwarded to ATA 186 device, located somewhere in our network.

    In both scenarios call is coming to AS5300 through
    PRI and then is forwarding to outside number/ATA186 device.

    I can’t find any sample configs on Cisco site,

    If anybody has example configs, please let me know.
    I will appreciate any help.



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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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