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Low bandwidth and expense

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    Joseph Michaud


    I am looking for the best option for setting up a VoIP setup between work and home.

    I don’t need to hook it into any phone system on either end. I just need to be able to hook some kind of phone (preferably a standard phone) on both sides and be able to call back and forth between home and work. It is long distance to where I work, and my son has a medical condition that requires a lot of communication to my home from work.

    We have a 256k frame connection at work, and a 768k DSL connection at home.

    Please advise on the best, economical choice to avoid high LD bills.

    Please send your response to my email at

    Thank you!




    I think you can get Aplio phone with Ethernet Aplio Pro, you will need to units, all calls placed between Aplios will be FREE there is no charge.

    You will need to have static IP from your DSL provider.
    I think this is best way to save now. You can take Aplio with you anywhere and just connect it to Internet and that’s it.


    Kevin Vincent

    Just use MS Netmeeting

    Kevin Vincent

    About the actual phone
    have usb devices that work well!

    Tarek Hosny

    What is the Hardware i need to connect 2 offices using VOIP knowing that they are already conected using Framerelay ,i have a PBX in each one, and i need 2 lines to be connected, i read apilo specificcation,a button must be pressed each time to make a call, but i want it to be fully automated(ie, any one connected to PBX can call the other office using any of the 2 lines). plz help .. thanx

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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