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VoIP network

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    Pankaj Shukla

    I am looking for Voice over IP solution for my company. The company has offices in Europe (Belgium, UK, Spain etc), Asia, South America and the US. We are looking into VoIP implementation so as to cut costs of long distance telephone lines.

    The question is- What equipment etc do we need to implement Voice/Data convergence? What are the approx costs involved? Are there any ‘side effects’ of VoIP?

    Thanks in advance.


    Doug Sprague


    Are your offices connected on a LAN? Are you looking for a reduction in office to office long distance or access to local as well. Are you considering any PC to Phone applications?

    Feel free to contact me.

    Doug Sprague



    Please contact me. I would be happy to explain our system and how we use it to handle our interoffice communications for toll bypass as well as a full featured calling card platform.



    Leave an email address and I will send a white paper.

    Dr.John Chung

    Here is economic solutions.
    I have a 6 ports VoIP gateway.
    – If you buy 2 sets or more
    – You can talk completely free between these installed locations.
    – This Gateway has Ethernet Interface for internet connection.
    – You need public Internet, like leased Line or ADSL or Cable Modem
    minimum 56K -128Kbps.
    – You also need PBX in Office.
    – This is very good solution.

    Q) How many office do you need ?
    Q) Budget ?
    Each location = 1,000-1,500 USD
    Internet = seperate
    Gatekeeper = extra charge
    (if function is simple, maybe no charge)

    If you need more informations,
    Please contact me by e-mail

    Thank you

    Dr.John Chung

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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