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Setting up a VoIP network

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    Hi all,
    we have two Switches, one is a Tandem class 4 switch and the other one is a class 5 switch and i want to know what exactly does it take to be able to make calls from the class 5 switch (phone directly connected to it ) to the tandem. The tandem will then route the calls to the local PSTN in the city where it is located, all of this of course over IP.
    Any suggestions

    Thanks in advance

    email :


    I think you need to state your question a little more clearly. A couple of gateways between the two switches will allow you to transport between the two switches but probably is not the most efficient way to use IP.
    When thinking of VoIP a class based architecture loses some of its meaning as packet based voice does not need some of the same mechanisms. i.e. If I have to LEC switches connected to each other via IP and allow voice traffic over this connection I do not have to send the traffic to the tandem office. This is what most carriers initially targeted. Bypassing Tandem switches and other IXC carriers allowed folks to make money by keeping most of the money rather than paying it to the IXC.


    Thank you R for your Reply,
    The reason we are using a switch here at the office, is to avoid buying any extra equipment. and also to be able to connect regular phones to it without having to buy those IP phones. The second switch(remote one) is where we want to terminate our calls. Between the two we are planning to install two AS5300. do you think that this Project is feasible this way… ???

    Thank you

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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