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AS5300/Voice Gateway SALE

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    AS5300 for sale, it’s new, was opened and putted into the rack for test only, during 1 month.

    It has Quad T1/PRI card, 48 voice channels(upgradable to 96), part #AS53-T1-48VOXD,flash 8 Mb/ DRAMM 64 MB. Latest IOS is installed, also we will give away any IOS you want.
    Router is new and in excellent condition.
    We will ship in US for free. International shipment is available,

    Please reply, if you are interested.
    Also, we can provide you with pre-configuration, so you will start immediately temination/origination of Voice calls through our gateways. We will do it for free.

    I.E T1 unlimited calls in US

    Price of AS5300/Voice Gateway is 21,995 USD. All taxes and shipping is included.



    Pls advise your phone # as I will like to talk with you regarding the sale of your gateway to us. You can also email at


    I am interesting in this AS-5300.
    Can I test this system ?
    Can I send traffic to you through this AS-5300 ?

    If It is possible, I will send VoIP test traffic from PC or VoIP terminal.

    Please contact me by e-mail, if you can do test ! (

    Q. 1E1.T1 service for USA traffic :
    Can you quote more good price ?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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