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    VoIP Novice

    Hi, I’m new to the VoIP world and would like your thoughts on which hardware vendors our company should consider when looking to build an internal (20 node) VoIP network.

    Cisco comes to mind immediately but I’m not sure who else is out there and what they are offering. Any thoughts from folks who have already done it would be very welcome.


    Marconi has an excellent VOIP product – Sphericall


    3Com offers the NBX25 and NBX100. I don’t have any first hand expirence with the systems, but I’m told that they have a lot of PABX voice features.


    Try Nortel Network. They have nice products like “BCM”.


    Check out service offerings from companies such as GoBeam.

    John Walter

    You might also consider Siemens with their HiPath 5000-System. I saw it @ CeBIT 2001. Looks interesting!


    Peter Cameron

    If you want an easy migration path have a look at They provide a way to migrate without major disruption to your existing network. We represent them here in Europe


    VoIP Novice,

    There are MANY vendors out there for VoIP.

    I reccommend going to the “Network Computing Website” and look at an article called “RFP: VoIP Invasion: Are you ready for it?”

    It shows the RFP responses to imaginary company created by Network Computing, and analyzes Alcatel, Cisco, Avaya, and Nortel.

    Also look online for articles from the recent “Voice Con 2001” it explores the solutions of at least 1/2 dozen vendors, and gives you some great insight into the differences from merely Voice over IP, and what a converged network are.

    Other companies you want to look at include: Altigen, Clarent, Lucent, Mitel, Nec, Shoreline, Siemens, Sphere, and vertical.

    There are others as well, (i.e. Fujitsu, 3Com, etc.) but they aren’t really being considered as heavy contendors in the market right now as far as I’m aware.

    You mentioned that you are very happy with the NEC 2400 right now. There product is a modified 2400 (IP 2400) using software 8400, rev. 9.04.10

    You may be able to have your exisiting 2400 upgraded to meet he specs of their IP one if you end up choosing them or trying them as a solution or test pilot.

    Hope this helps. If you have futher questions, let me know.

    Carsten Winkler

    Other smaller vendors might also be of interest as they are extremely focused on excellent voice quality.

    Datus of Germany (
    Clarent of the US (


    Hi all

    Anyone any experience with

    Its a secure gateway router (one box does all) ??


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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