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Voice Over IP

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    my question is i want to knew about Voice over IP in terms of history, development, Operation and structure, and Products

    Also Include what is the viability and advancements of this technology.

    Charles Agboh
    Guest for H.323 related information. Try for general/all information.


    I want to know whether can we connect FXS interface to PBX ..
    If yes …How??
    If no ….Why??


    Your FXS(foreign exchange station)needs a FXO (foreign exchange office) is a service that can be ordered from the telephone company that provides local telephone service from a CO which is outside(foreign to) the subscribers exchange need a (FX)foreign exchange trunk. Connecting POTS telephones to a computer telephone system via T-1 links requires a channel bank configured with FX type connections. your PBX needs FXO connection configured I hope this helps

    Asif siddique

    As fast as possible

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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