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Call flow for international Roaming

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    Principles of MS registering in VPLMN and choice procedures are described 3GPP TS 23.122.


    Yes, Mik, you are right. With some simplifying an MS should perform the following:
    When MS is power on in VPLMN it will try to register in Last Registered PLMN. If it is impossible then it will try to register selecting PLMN in following order:
    1. HPLMN
    2. PLMNs on User preference list (if any).
    3. PLMNs in operator preference list (if any).
    4. Other PLMNs with signal strength higher than -85 dbm.
    5. Other PLMNs in random sequence.


    Hi Mik and Pan,
    Thanks for your responses, you have been very helpful to me,you are making this GSM stuff look less threatening.

    Once again, thanks


    Hi guys,
    I have come across an usual occurrence. I was analyzing some Call Data Records(CDRs) from the HPLMN switch for inbound roamers and some of the MOs(Mobile Originating) CDR had calling subscriber’s MSISDN and IMSI from different operators in different countries.
    Could it be a problem with the switch or what might be the cause?


    What’s the problem? Some inbound roamers visited your country and were served by your network. They did calls and of course MSC generated MOC (mobile-originated CDR) whith their (foreign) IMSI and MSISDN as calling party. It’s absolutely normal situation, if i understand your question correct.


    Hi Mik,
    Sorry, I think my question is not clear. The occurence is a single MO CDR with calling subscriber MSISDN is from United Arabs Emirates and IMSI is from India.


    Hello, Isaaс!

    It’s really misterious. I never met such complains.
    Is this MO CDR originall meaning directly from MSC or provided by billing department? Maybe some mistake after processing in billing?
    Other thing that you can define any MSISDN for IMSI in HLR and it does not affect on mobile-originated call, so you can clarify this with IMSI operator, maybe really wrong MSISDN defined.

    Vinesh Mahesha

    Hello Isaac
    If you send a copy of the CDR I will analyse data and respond to your email


    Was this mistake pls?

    “The occurence is a single MO CDR with calling subscriber MSISDN is from United Arabs Emirates and IMSI is from India.”


    Hi Guys,

    The record was from the switch, but the mistake was rectified. Am no longer receiving such records.

    I think it won’t be wise to send you the CDR due to security issues.

    This was no mistake. It was a real CDR, not a cooked one.


    Hi Issac,
    No,HPLM is not limited to one roaming agreement.HPLM can have more than one VPLMN agreement.But its depend on customer,that which VPLMN is used by him for operating MS.

    hi all,

    is there any one who can help in CAP2 roaming:
    is there any way to reconcile between TAP files and CCN(IN) to make sure that prepaid subscriber is not calling for free or less.
    or any other useful techniques someone know to get rid of this type of fraud


    Hello guys!

    just registered to this board,and I just wanted to say hi everyone!



    HI all,
    Is there anyway to conduct traces with the roaming partner?

    MSU level

    Jahangir Alam

    Do anyone have documents regarding international Roaming call flow and related message regarding Location update/Call to roaming country/call to home country/call to another locaion.

    If so please share if you like.

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 76 total)
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