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Voice over IP Web site

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    <B>Westbay Engineers Ltd.</B>

    Hello all,

    We are planning to launch a new web site serving the interests of engineers involved in Voice over IP design. We have two sites ready to go at:

    We plan to design their content along similar lines as this site, but are looking for suggestions on exactly what to include. Online calculators are always popular, but we’re not sure exactly what calculations they should perform. We could calculate the bandwidth compression characteristics for various CODECs, but the actual transmission bandwidth required (which would seem to be the most useful thing to calculate) is rather vendor specific.

    We would also like to include some technical articles. What would you like to see though? has been developed over the last four years based on requests from visitors. We would like to build up the new Web site in the same way. So, here is your call to arms. What would you like to see on an ‘Interactive Voice over IP resource’?

    Please reply to this thread with your ideas so that we can start an online discussion.

    Westbay Engineers Ltd.

    Steven Whalen

    Thank you for providing this forum.

    Please consider delay and what effects a Voice over IP (VoIP) would have in comparison with dedicated Point-to-Point (DPtP voice connections.

    Also please consider the efforts os Voice over ATM (VBR) AAL2 in comparison with VoIP and DPtP.

    Westbay Engineers Ltd.

    Hi Steven,

    Thanks for your input. Yes, we’ll bear delay in mind. It seems to me that the whole problem with researching VoIP is that almost all published works talk about it at a conceptual level. There is nothing which really goes into the design requirements in sufficient detail for us techies 🙂 – an imbalance we would like to correct with our new site.

    Perhaps this is because the technology itself isn’t mature enough. Using your example, it is difficult to quantify the delay effects of an end to end transmission, because the effects of quality of service initiatives seem so vague. However, the delay characteristics of various CODECs are documented, and perhaps that is good starting point.

    Voice over ATM is not in our immediate plans, but is something that we will keep within our sights.



    A comparison between traditional voice and VoIP in a neutral point of view. You know, most of the comparisons are from vendors who biased on what they own produce.

    Westbay Engineers Ltd.

    Thanks Mark. I agree. I have seen some outrageous claims on vendors’ web sites.

    Does anyone else have any suggestions for our new Voice over IP web site?

    Westbay Engineers Ltd.

    We have now published a basic site at and invite you to visit it.

    There is a forum on that site for making suggestions regarding the site’s development, and to discuss VoIP issues.

    Best regards,
    Westbay Engineers Ltd.


    I agree with Mark’s suggestion. It would also be good to see a paper describing VoIP and IP telephony as I understand they are different and often confused. Also any comments from users who use this technology ( the pros and cons) and any experiences in migrating from TDM PBX to IP PBX. working.
    Problem may be in advertising this site to relevent people.

    Westbay Engineers Ltd.

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your suggestions. You’ve got me there. What’s the difference. Perhaps VoIP describes the suite of protocols, and IP telephony describes the applications. Don’t know though. Can anyone help?very useful.

    We’re pretty good at marketting

    I agree that case studies would be web sites, although it’s a slow process. Still, you found us 🙂


    On VoIP, it would be useful if you could give whitepapers on various standards like H323, SIP and its iterworking etc.

    Westbay Engineers Ltd.


    Thanks for your suggestion. Development of the new site is progressing, and we expect a launch in the next week or two.

    For the moment, we have concentrated on the network protocols rather than the equipment protocols. However, we will be following this up with work on H.232 and SIP.

    It all takes time. Thanks again.


    You may want to include info about objective measures of voice quality. This might be an ideal calculator application provided you have access to speech signals to compare.

    The application would work as follows: upload voice signals from say application A and standard PCM say B. Use calculator to evaluate
    distortion measure F(A,B) and return an objecive measure of speech quality. This would provide a quick and easy way to evaluate competing codecs or vocoders for voice quality.

    Let me know if you are interested I would love to consult for this project during weekends.

    Westbay Engineers Ltd.

    Our new Voice over IP web site has now been launched and can be found at

    We have included free online VoIP calculators, three technical papers, and Forum and a VoIP directory.

    We welcome your comments on this new interactive Voice over IP resource.

    Best regards,
    Westbay Engineers Ltd.

    Westbay Engineers Ltd.

    The new Voice over IP Calculator site is now up and running. We are busy adding entries to the VoIP Directory, a searchable directory of index related sites.

    If you have any suggestions for sites to be added, please use the form provided on the directory pages.

    The directory can be found at

    Best regards,
    Westbay Engineers Limited.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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