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MS Cell Info

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    Hello Group,

    Is there any way, MSC can come to know the present location of the MS in his n/w?. I mean by cell number.

    Is this information ( about present cell number where in user is available) has been used?.
    I mean, any services which use Cell Number?.


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    hi hari,yes there is a way its to know through which malt this mobile is taking his traffic and face it to which ralt connected on BSC then you check the number of DSCCH of the mobile as you can now know its location from the BTS cell,all this processor can be done through MSC,BSC terminal by special commands can be differ from system to another as its brand…

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    Hi Hari,
    If the Mobile is active (or ringing) then one can able to find the whcih BTS is serving the subscriber and which TRX and what TS on TDMA frame.

    If the Mobile in not active then one can get only LAC due to location updation activity.

    I dont think this way of finding subscriber doest help to offer any VAS service.

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    Hi Hari,

    If a MS Roaming in a MSC Coverage Area,defnly MSC Knows the location ( ie LA-Location ) of the MS.

    This is default system design.Then only MSC Can Page the LA for any MT Calls.

    Then in case of MO-Calls the Call setup messages will carry the Location informations ( CGI,CI..etc..etc ) which will be used for some other puposes like Charging,Location Based Routing,Emergency Calls…ertc…etc.

    If MS is in Busy Condition you can trace him out as explained by others.

    Using CELLNUMBER ( ie Cell ID ) Emergency Call routing/Charging/Routing also can be done differently.But depends upon the system.



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    sorry hary i thougt you are trying to make search for definite mobile location…to know in which location area is it,usualy this process done to fined stolen mobile..

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    I am actually not clear on real network deployments of GSM n/w.

    Basically on my MS i have a feature supported by Operator where in i will come to know which part of city ( or location ) i am presently located.

    I think this information is as part of hand-shake mechanism, where in the Location Information, will be used to know where am i.

    If i am not wrong this “location information” is nothing but information about the BTS, serving my MS currently.

    Basically i am planning for a service wherein i can come to know the location information about other MS’s?.

    If i am not wrong, the requested MS which wants to know other MS’s location, should be able to make a USSD request to USSD server and get in response from USSD Server the location information.

    Can any of you please help me to know, how can i do this.

    Presently what i have in mind is, as part of USSD request, user will mention the MS’s MSISDN ( mobile number), using which my HPLMN USSD Server will forward the request to respective USSD Server in to the “User specified MSISDN’s” USSD Server, which will put a MAP ( Not sure on this interface ) request and get in response the Location Information of the MS, whose location information was requested.

    This respose will be forwarded back to the MS, which requested the “Location information”.

    Let me know, if any of you have any other ideas.

    Thanks for your inputs.

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    Hi Hari,

    Regarding the User Location Retrivel…it is possible..and already in operational in Europe.

    Even I read some where like a network is offering PARENT-CHILD Mobile Plan.Ecah other can know others location through some USSD Operation.

    LOCATION Info in IN and CELL ID of BTS…can have some contribution to LOCATING TECHNOLOGY.But not clear abt How Much ?



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    Hello Scot,
    Thanks for your reply.

    Can any one help me with USSD call flows, it will be great, to know how things work with USSD.


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    USSD and IT in general are new spheres for someone such as I. So please do let me know what USSD is and how it can be used on Mobile phone networks.
    How different is it from SMS?
    thanx and b blest.

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