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TRXs in E1

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    frededrick mbogo

    How many TRXs will be supported in 1E1. Help me on any literature

    frededrick mbogo

    I have 1E1 which is obviously has 31 timeslots. How many TRXs would be supported in a site?


    How many TRX a E1 supports depends on whether your are using
    concentraction or unconcentraction.

    In case of unconcentraction each TRX requires 3TS so 1 E1 supports
    10 TRX (2TS of speech/Data 1 TS for signalling).

    In case of concentraction each TRX requires 2TS if you are going for 16K multiplexing then 1E1 supports 15 TRX.( considering 7TS on TDMA for speech and 1 TS for BCCH and SDCCH , 2TS on E1 is 128 Kbps and on TDMA 7X16Kbps =112Kbps(for speech/data) and 16kbps for TRXC sig so 112+16=128Kbps.

    I hope i am correct .

    frededrick mbogo

    sometimes I obliged to go for 64K So how many will I have in this case?

    what once again the TS in TRX as we know a TRX has 8TS.How would you distingiush from those in the E1


    what cause the loss of SDCCH in the network?


    Hi, frededrick mbogo!
    1 TS in radio inrerface requires 16K in Abis. 8 TS multiply 16k = 128K. So one TRX requires 2 TS in Abis. If you have only 64K on Abis you can have only 4 TS in Air int.
    You must have at leas 1 TS in radio interfdace for BCCH, so you have 3 TS in Abis for traffic. If you use Full Rate you have 3 speech channels in these 3 TS in Abis. If you use Half Rate you have 2 speech channels in 1 TS, so in case of 64K you you have 3 speech channels Full Rate or 6 speech channels Half Rate.
    In minimal configuration you can only have 32K in Abis for 1 TRX, in this case one 16K in Abis and Air for signalling and 1 for traffic which in case of Half Rate carrys 2 speech channels.


    Hi. I am using a zte bts and want to know how many TS does one trx occupy from E1(30ts).also our 900MHz band supports 2G and 3G. on the configured trxs,will some of them be 2g and others 3g how does it work



    suppose using an STM1 link between BSC and core network to carry voice and user data.

    how to figure out what percent of STM1 capacity is dedicated to data and voice separately in Bit Per Second?

    Please Help me on any document.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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