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Escape node if site is offline (WinFiol)

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    Humberto Scravioli


    i have the script below, but i want to make it escape the node if it is offline. Which can be known after the “./moshell” command runs.

    Can somebody help me ?

    @SET {node[0]} = WXXX1_MG
    @SET {node[1]} = WJJJ1_MG

    @COMPACT {node}
    @SIZE {node} {n}
    @SET {cnt} = 0

    @WHILE {cnt} < {n} ./moshell -v username=rbs,password=rbs {node[{cnt}]} lt all s+ prox @log on C:/LOGs/{node[{cnt}]}.log alt cabx @close exit @INC {cnt} @endwhile

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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