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Repeater call terminating fail

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    Dear experts, we have added one repeater in the network to serve a oilfield facility in very remote desert location (5hrs drive)the donor site is very near to the building around 300m, since the building is blast proof and made of really heavy concrete, so they have coverage issues from that tower.repeater is serving 2g&3g inside the building with a das of 15 antennas,since the repeater installed, the users inside are happy with the data services, they are also satisfied with outgoing calls, but they complained that they still recieve missed call sms, we have done SFT and post walktest, the coverage is good indoor, SFT report is also meeting KPIs no single call drop/call fail/sms fail during the testing, RTWP is also in -102-104, but still they complain of missed calls messages, we have check the stats, since the repeater is commissioned, th donor cell traffic decrease instead of increase, and but we also observe call terminating fail increase on only one 3g carier F1, F2 is fine.pls suggest any help.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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