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modems&faxes dropping connections

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    i’m working on two exchanges same time…axe-10 and alcatel..alcatel is a new one, and it is a main exchange..since i put it in service modem and fax comunication for axe-10 subscribers is very poor..connections are dropping or is very bad…i think too many errors r registraded in communication between axe and alcatel, and somehow i have the feeling that catch is in synchronisation beteen two exchanges..they r communicating with d1r2 signalisation and alcatel (main exchange) is connect with other exchanges on higher level with no7 signalisation..
    has anyone idea what is the solution?


    I had a similar problem with a digital PABX connected to AXE ISDN. THe problem was indeed synchronisation as the PABX clocking was not locked to the ISDN.
    Is the alcatel using the axe as its primary clock source?


    thanks for confirming mu doubts dmck..
    alcatel is using it’s own clock and is MAIN exchange..axe is working with it’s own clock…my plan was to shut down axe oscilators and tranfer alcatel clock to axe, but first have to figuere out how to do that technicaly..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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