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Ericsson – PS RAB Admission Failures

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    Hello folks,

    I am having trouble matching the numbers for the following counters:

    I understand that in terms of PS RAB Successes and Attempts the following holds true:
    pmNoRabEstablishSuccessPacketInteractive = pmNoRabEstSuccessNonHs + pmNoRabEstablishSuccessPacketInteractiveHs
    R99 RAB Establishment Attempts (direct) = pmNoRabEstablishAttemptPacketInteractive – pmNoRabEstablishAttemptPacketInteractiveHs
    R99 RAB Establishment Attempts from failed HSDPA Establishments = pmNoRabEstAttemptsPsIntNonHs – R99 RAB Establishment Attempts (direct)

    Would someone be able to shed some light how to determine the number of R99 and HSDPA RAB denied due to Admission Control in terms of pmNoOfNonHoReqDeniedInteractive and pmNoOfNonHoReqDeniedHs along with any other counters involved?

    Please note that there are no Interactive Streaming services considered alas EUL services are.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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