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Erlang calculator BHT

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    Yogesh Patel

    I am tryng to calculate the maxi. minutes of traffic that can be handled on a incoming system for voice message retrival.

    I used the erlang b and extd erlang b with the following LInes = 1000 recall factor = 50% block rate = 0.07 Using Erlang B i get BHT = 1062.68 = 63761 minutes

    The maximum number of minutes in an hour should be number of line (1000) X 60 = 60,000 How come BHT be more than the number of minutes the system can totally carry.

    Westbay Engineers Ltd.


    Remember that the B.H.T. figure is the traffic which is OFFERED to the trunk group, NOT the traffic CARRIED by the trunk group.

    The traffic carried is the offered traffic * 1-Blocking:

    1062 * (1-0.07) = 988 Erlangs.

    Now it’s less than 1000 🙂

    Hope that helps,
    Westbay Engineers Ltd.


    * Please clarify how to calculate BHT?
    * BHT equals to CCS/36 is correct for an particular hour?
    * For an example if incoming CCS is 68 & outgoing CCS is 134 for an particular hour, then as per my understanding total line requirement is 15. Is it correct?


    Please clairfy relation between CCS, BHT /Erlang

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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