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zte intracell ho failure related EFR

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    we have below problem, what can be reason?Thanks for support.

    -huge intracell handover failure problem at ZTE(%3 decrease) (MSC Ericsson but bsc managed handover failure problem)
    -Failure happens at EFR codec
    -problem is not NW level , only some cells
    -problem not continues, whenever we deactivate EFR solves and after a time re-starts at different cells

    rf comments:
    1-90% handover type is pbgt for problematic cells (there should not be external interference problem)
    2-there is no change for ping pong handover trend
    3-all nr handover trend similar(ncc permition , ba list, measurement report process should be ok)
    4-icm clean – dl quality samples clean
    5-there is no traffic & kpi(drop – cssr) & ul-dl average power & ta graph change (trx power values are also ok)
    6-there is no new site & cell down time problem
    7-there is no cr-hw change-alarm-door open alarm

    Also we deactivate TFO, re-start bsc, re-start hw(which creates codec) but no help.


    I would like to give some more detail.

    There is no problem for assignment part , problem is only related handover.
    We observe below massage at trace:

    “Handover is not expected, respectively has failed”

    And codec type which we see trace(AMR) and kpi(EFR) is difrent


    Dear Experts,

    Any idea?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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