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Roaming between GSM and CDMA

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    This is no roaming. This is interworking between GSM and CDMA n/w so that a GSM subscriber can send message to CDMA subscriber and visa versa. This is kind of black box that converts the CDMA SMS messages of IS-41 format into GSM MAP format so that the GSM network entities can send that message to The GSM subscribers.

    This is in no way roaming.

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    SMS-Interworking doesnt mean that roaming is possible between CDMA2000 and GSM.

    But this can provide a step forward towards MAP-Interworking…

    AM I correct ?



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    let us look at the factors which causes the problem and how to overcome them..
    1> difference between MIN and IMSI
    Imsi is MCC+MNC+SN=15
    MIN=10 that is what i KNOW
    SO we have do some Mobile GTT to convert MIN in to the format of MCC+MNC+Min=IMSI
    2>the Handset factor ,, as per panjak we know people are working in this direction .. or the product might be out and we are yet to know.. GSM+CDMA handset.
    3> any other issue …

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    You might be aware that CDMA has already implemented full IMSI. It is just that most of the operators need to yet convert their n/w in to full IMSI networks. This will happen but will take time. In fact in India some networks are not even full MIN complient ( meaning that they are using some bulid up numbers not the MIN ranges managed by some independent agency

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    Plz kindly tell me, which site or documents about roaming between GSM and CDMA I have to refer to?
    and interwerking between GSM adn CDMA network.

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    Hi everyone!

    About CDMA and GSM roaming you can find a lot of information from those sites:

    And there are some companies from India who provide soft-converters of IS41d GSM MAP protocols.

    About GSM1X, it’s not intended to provide roaming capability. You can read from it’s description, that the GSM1X have been created for GSM operators to be able to use CDMA radio network for enchanced radio frequency source of CDMA standart.

    What I am interested very much is CDMA CDMA roaming. Does any bode know any company who are doing(offering/ testing) such a roaming service? Thank you in advance..

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    Refer to the link and you will find interesting information on a trial just completed for the roaming between the two.

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    About CDMA 1X technology u can find more information and some PDF doc in Qualcommn website.

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    is it possible to convert CDMA cell phone to GSM cell phone?

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    is it possible to convert CDMA cell phone to GSM cell phone plz give me the full how to change which software will support to change plz give me the full details

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    Is it possible to convert the CDMA Phone to GSM Phone nokia 2280 Model
    if possible means give me the necessary steps to change

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    Is it Possible to change the CDMA software to GSM. Some mechanics are there who are making an arrangement for insertion of the SIM but some others says that it is not going to work, please give me the details about this for NOKIA, SAMSUNG & LG CDMA Handsets.

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    Dear all,

    Regarding the R-UIM (CDMA equivalent of SIM card )concept explained by Mr Pankaj you can get a good doc on the R-UIM at the following url:
    However could somebody please come up with some more details on the Trials being done anywhere for the Roaming between GSM & CDMA.

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    Due to many reasons CDMA intl’ roaming is realised using IIFs (vHLR + vMSC + vSMSC.. Possibly)..

    This has invoked, these IIF or clearing houses to incorporate GS< CDMA interworking using addtional modules on IIFs... MAP conversion for CDMA to GSM and GSM to CDMA is fairly simple concept on SS7..

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    Possible but in Reality I dont know whether anybody tried it or not.

    I have seen a product from Lucent for this MAP Conversion.


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