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    Hi Pix,

    We have NSN provider RG20 version in 2G
    We have activated DL PC on a BSC with those thresholds (qual between 0&3,level -70 -85)
    TGhe first feedback is no improvement of CS/PS KPI’s at all but increase of DL level rate by 5% (reduced from better cell rate)
    The DL level HO threshold is varibale per cell and the lowest one is -90 so far enough from lower threshold,
    What do you advice?


    Hi Slim,

    Try to increase the reactivity of your DL PC (shorter averageing window, no waiting time between PC Commands & PC Ack)

    Could you see if the number of DL LEV HO has increased or if the number of BC HO has reduced ?

    Later,Try level -67 -82


    many thanks for the reply

    Yes the number of DL level HO has increased and the number of HO BC has reduced

    The PC average window is 4
    For HO is 8

    What I can not understand in PC aârt from level HO increase is the following:

    Taking into account that PC decrease commands are bigger than increase ones by almost 3 times , this means that less interference is existing so why SDR,CDR,TBF drop … don’t go down whatever is the upper lower thresholds???



    Maybe you don’t have so much DL interference to begin with ?

    The decrease/increase size is only impacting on the reaction time of the system. A huge amount of commands (inc and dec) will be used during the call in order to achieve the desired DL RXLEV at all time.

    Try increasing your rxlev upper and lower threshold by +3dB.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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