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Connect Incoming calls to one another

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    I want to know if its possible to connect 100 incoming calls on a particular number to one another.

    That is.. say the number 1234 gets 100 calls.
    Is it possible using any telecom solution , to connect the incoming calls to each other, i.e to make 50 pairs of connections.

    One incoming caller gets connected to another incoming caller through the number 1234, based on certain rules.

    How can this be done, and how much does it cost ?

    Nikhil Kulkarni



    i’m not familiar with the details, but the feature you are looking for is called VGCS : Voice Group Call Service
    3GPP has defined VGCS to specifically answer the need you are describing in your post.



    Hi Pix,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I didn’t quite understand the VGCS when I looked it up on google.

    Actually, I want the solution so that I can implement my project called LEBTOP – Learn English By Talking On Phone , in india.

    please see , for the idea.

    Whom do i approach for the VGCS solution ?


    How about
    taking 4 PRI’s (i.e 120 channels)
    and using a PBX, ..Connecting incoming calls to other calls based on some internal software ?

    I dont know much abt this stuff but heard that a PRI contains 30 channels through which an office/place can connect to the external world.

    What might be the cost of 1 PRI ?
    Is there any cheaper solution ?
    Should I talk to guys who setup call centres to know more ?
    All these questions are barriers for my Project. Help me out here.



    ok, so you want 100 ppl to call one “server” and listen/interact with one teacher.
    VGCS is not the best way to do that.

    You are right, a tech expert on PABX + looking for some voip softwares would probably do the trick.

    Also, some advanced skype-like softwares, don’t you think they could offer this kind of feature ? No need to go through a dedicated pabx…

    i’m not sure, just bouncing ideas around…


    No Pix, you didn’t quite understand my idea. I will explain again.

    I have an Idea – Its called LEBTOP (Learn English By Talking On Phone).

    I am looking for a telecom solution wherein , i want to connect callers to other callers. If my number say 1800 xxx xxxx gets 100 calls at a time, i wish to connect incoming calls to other callers, thus I want to make 50 pairs of connections.

    The idea depends on connecting callers to one another based on certain rules. Please visit for more details.

    Project LEBTOP
    In short:
    We wish to have a Toll-free number. When users call it , they will get 2 options-
    Press 1 to Learn
    Or Press 2 to Teach.

    Challenge is to design a system which connects an incoming caller who has Pressed “1″ to another caller who has Pressed “2″, so as to form a Student-Teacher Pair.
    Thus we wish to connect two “Callers” through our Lebtop toll free number.

    The solution that 1st came to my mind is .. Its as simple as , two friends calling my number and I merging their calls. This serves the purpose for 1 pair, but i guessed it can be done for 100′s of calls too, using modern Technology. But i’m struggling to find an answer to this problem.



    OK, i misunderstood… the keyword is “pair” 🙂

    This is way past my knowledge, but at least your problem is now crystal-clear. I hope someone will be able to help you.

    wallis dudhnath

    Can be done using an IN – Intelligent Network – solution.

    You will need:-

    -IP/Intelligent Peripheral (gsmSRF),
    -IN application hosted by a SCP / gsmSCF
    (supports call control)
    -MSC / SSF / gsmSCF for “triggering”

    IP will be used for Prompt and Collect. Supports IVR capabilities.

    VBR/ Wallis Dudhnath

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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