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GSM handover procedure

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    I am trying to understand the handover proceedure in GSM. I read the standard GSM 0508 but I got confused.
    In the BSS pre-processing section it is said, that handover reasons might be that x out of y values are below a threshold (e.g. RXLEV, PBGT).
    However, in the BSS decision algorithm there are other minimum levels for RXLEV and power budgets are taken into account.

    Does “BSS decision algorithm” mean that this algorithm just selects and ranks the possible target cells but the handover reason is given by the threshold comparisons?

    Thank you very much for your support!




    BSS pre-processing should be related to the averaging of basic radio measurements (rxlev(s), rxlev(n), rxqual, ta)

    BSS decision algorithm should be related to HO algorithms & best candidate selection. Therefore it can be divided into 2 separate processes :

    if rxlev(s) < xxx and rxqual > yyy then HO is detected

    if 1/ is true, then the best candidate cell is the one that verify rxlev(n)>rxlev(s) + zzz and which belong to a certain layer type (micro, umbrella, etc)… etc.

    3GPP does not provide any kind of mandatory algorithms for handover or candidate selection. Just guidelines, that one might or might not respect 🙂



    Thanks for your support

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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