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Packet Timeslot Reconfigure

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    Can any one explain about Packet Timeslot Reconfigure. why we have to use. in which scenarios will use?


    hi bala,

    you have no choice but to use it…
    PTR is used when the timeslots used for the packet transfer of a MS should be changed :
    (not exhaustive list)
    – transfer changes bias (ie. download becomes upload)
    – a tch preempted one of your pdch
    – a timeslot is now available for pdch -> you can get it if you increase the nb of pdch for your tbf
    – etc…

    so it is very necessary, and usually not modifiable by the operators !



    It’s send by the BSC whenever the allocation of a TSL to a new PS call results into a change in the current resource being allocated to an already existing PS call in the opposite direction, in that case the BSC may decide and sends a packet time slot reconfiguration to the MS. For example, if a DL PS call is required to be established on the PACCH of an existing Uplink TBF or a a UL PS call establishment is required using Packet Downlink Ack/Nack msg and the BSC decides that TSL re-allocation is needed, in that case the BSC will send a PTR message to the MS.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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