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T10 timer

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    Hi. I wanted to know if GSM T10 timer works only for handovers or is it for call setup also? If I increase the value of T10, will it improve my TCH Asgn Succ Rate? It is currently set to 16.

    Thank You.


    “The timer T10 starts before the BSC sends a PHYSICAL_CONTEXT_REQUEST message to the BTS.

    The timer T10 stops when the MS sends either an ASSIGNMENT_COMPLETE or an ASSIGNMENT_FAILURE message to the
    BSC. When the timer T10 expires, the BSC sends an ASSIGNMENT_FAILURE message to the MSC.”

    Actually its default value is 8 and yours 16. I wonder the effects of values which are higher than the current ones :))


    hi, this timer intends to deallocate the resource allocated if the MS is not able to use it.

    keeping the resource (= 1 TCH) for 8s means it cannot be allocated to anyone else in the meanwhile.

    therefore, the main effect will be congestion increase.

    But of course, it will increase the chances that the MS finally gets through and manages to get its TCH.

    Be wary that 16 might mean “8s3, it all depends on how it is hardcoded in your system.

    From previour post, it looks like T10 is only used for intracell HO and call setup, but this has to be verified.



    Dear Experts,

    T10 is the BSC queuing timer?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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