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Ericsson BTS Config

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    Hi All

    This is a more direct question to Ericsson ppl especially O&M guys. We know that BTS 2954 & 2964 can have config 4/3/3 that means a DRU is having two Trx’s split among two sectors. But 6/3/3 is not possible in either of them even though no. of Trx is =12. My quest is why this config is not possible, O&M engg in my office knows only that the IDB is not satisfied with this and this is something to do with Y-link bus.

    Also he said that 6/4/2 is possible only if in Sect-A the both the expanded DRU is of 900 band only otherwise it will not work with 1800 band, probably due to some Software bug.

    Can any one pls explain, i’m curious myself and confuse also????


    Hey pls any one can clear????

    Kalwant Singh

    What is a Data transfer Card in the BTS,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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