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HO 2G->3H

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    Hi all,

    Please to clarify this behaviour
    We still work with 2G but some sites are 3G capable for test and ADCE from 2G to 3G are created
    Once we have put Qsearch_C =15 (never measure 3G cells) , there are still attempts from 2G to 3G with 100% of fail
    Once we deactivate the feature ISHO (inter system HO) on BSS level , no more attempts 2G->3G , but no more reselection from 2G to 3G in idle mode , so it’s not a solution for us

    Why , although Qsearch_C =15 , attempts are still here?how to recover this please without deactivating feature on BSS level?

    Our prvider is flexi NSN


    interesting behaviour !
    i’ll try to dig further, but I can’t promise anything soon…

    did you try other settings of QSearch_C ? The idea would be to see whether the number of HO REQ when QS_C=15 is similar to the number of HO REQ with a little more “favorable” QS_C.

    (for example, measure 3G only when 2G signal is extremely good… let’s assume such behaviour is defined by QS_C=14, just for the sake of my demonstration. I actually don’t know the coding of the QS_C and I’m too lazy to go find it out ! But the idea is to take a very restrictive setting)

    I would expect the number of HO Req to be much lower at 15 than at 14.
    And if that is the case, then I would say that some MS are not obeying the value “15” !
    On the other hand, if the number of HO Req is similar, then I would suspect a faulty BSS behaviour.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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