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Internet Modeling

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    Yoram Zilberberg

    Can someone send me please info. about typical Internet modeling.

    1. How to calculate the number of concurrent sessions from the Number of subscribed users to a certain service (Email, U.M, WAP, etc.).

    2. How should I model a Voice Mail system when I have the number of users, avarage number of minutes used in a month per user? How can I get the number of lines required for a certain % bocking ?

    Any Advise will kindly appriciated.


    Working in a call center, we are trying to set up costs and staffing for a web enabled call center. I am looking for ways to ensure proper staffing for email and phones simultaneously.

    Angelo Mertakkas

    For Lin (12th May 2000)

    Not sure if you use Dynamic Call me or Call Back? Which Dialer do you use?

    If Web CB then –
    You need to run a trail as Outbound only – essentially Callbacks generated by ‘hits’ to your call me Web button.

    The Volumes will indicate an Inbound increase, once its Dynamic, use a normal INB FTE calculation.

    If inbound resource is a problem then configure more of your OB agents over to Blend.

    If you haven’t a Dedicated Inbound Group then Blended agent won’t answer the problem, the WEB calls will only impact on your existing OB targets.

    Regards AM


    Can you help me?
    What is hyper erlang distribition?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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