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Manage Your Finance with VOIP Calls

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    Truetel VOIP

    The best way to save on international calls is to use internet to make global calls. There are many ways you can use the internet to initiate the call, like:

    1.Using your PC
    2.Using your mobile/cell phone
    3.Using your regular landline phone with ATA device, like LinkSys PAP2.
    4.Using a SIP enabled phone (wired/wireless), like Nokia E71 or LinkSys SPA941

    The minimum requirement:

    1.Internet access, dial-up is not recommended, use at least cable/DSL with 128kbps speed
    2.A PC with enough RAM and a good CPU (for PC to phone calls by using soft-phone)

    Now, you have all the equipment but to make an internet call you also need a VOIP service from some service provider.

    Believe me, this is the hard part because there are thousands of VOIP providers on the web and choosing the right one is quite tricky. The important thing is to know if a VOIP provider is using a premium/gold routes for best VOIP quality but it is almost impossible to know until or unless they mention it on their website.
    The one website I am sure using the premium routes and offering competitive call rates at the same time is:

    If VOIP is blocked in your country and you are not able see the above site then you can use any VPN service (paid or free) to just visit the above site to sign-up your new account and to download the soft-phone dialer.
    Once you downloaded the dialer then you don’t need the separate VPN service because this soft-phone dialer has built-in VPN and you can make calls easily even if VOIP is blocked in your location.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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