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Seasonal RF Optimization

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    Antoine A. Soyoh

    Over the past years, we’ve come to realize how the drop call rate in most markets in the U.S fluctuates as we move from one season to another. This is also true in other countries, particularly in places in the world where one can experience drastic changes in vegetation due to changes in wheather conditions. In the N.E states of the U.S, statistics show that the drop call rate for most wireless carriers usually is the lowest around the beginning of the year. This is the time when the wheather is cold, and most leaves gone from trees. At springtime, the drop call numbers begin to increase. At summertime they reach their peak before changing to the downward motion during fall…and back to the cycle. This is all relative to the network itself, assuming that there is no change made to it to degrade or improve its performance (i.e: customer load, outage, equipment failure,parameters changes, ect…). I’d like to gather ideas about how to best plan the RF Optimization of a wireless network which automaticaly takes into consideration the seasonal environment changes due essentially to variation in weather conditions.

    Your thoughts.

    Antoine A. Soyoh.
    Principal Engineer II
    Wireless Facilities, Inc.


    Dear Antonie,
    During Spring time it’s better to increase the Search window sizes ,will helpful to decrease the Drop call rate?


    Interesting post (dated from september 2003 though) In my opinion, it is necessary to design your network for the worst case scenario (summer) from the start.


    Dear Antonie,

    This is with respect to change in Call Drop value due to weather changes, very nice info

    Can you provide me your email ID


    Antoine A. Soyoh

    It’s been a while since I generated this brief article on a very prevalent RF issue, but I am glad to know that it got the attention of some, and may be further discussions and engagement.
    For those interested in contacting me, here is my contactinfo below:

    Antoine A. Soyoh
    Wireless & Broadband Systems Consultant
    Mobile Radio Network Planning & Design
    Deployment and Performance Optimization
    GSM, iDEN, UMTS, CDMA & WiMAX Technologies
    TransTEK Wireless Communications, Inc.

    Mobile: 1-301-520-7018
    Fax: 1-301-560-1677


    Hi Antoine A. Soyoh

    Can u mail me the document releted to RF issues my mail ID is



    According to the weather, it’s understood that Temp-change => thermal-noise variation at Rx sensitivity (10 log KTW) & the noise-figure NF at device.
    But the really confused is the effect of vegetation & the life-cycle of trees in RF.


    The vegetation (leaves especially) will block the radio waves, therefore a radio emitter will propagate less. The leaves are considered as obstacles.

    During the winter the leaves are not here anymore, therefore the cells will propagate further away leading to possible overlap and interferences…


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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