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    amberish trivedi

    hi all
    i want to talk something about signalling
    what is difference betwemm r2 and ccs7 siganlling
    anyone can explain or give me some document on that
    mailnly i am inrerested in R2 singalling
    thank you


    Hi Amberish,

    well one major diffr is that R2 is CAS, channel associated signalling, while C7 or CCS7 is common channel signalling. One time slot in C7 signalling can cater to some thousands of channles,unlike R2 where each channel will have one signalling timeslot for it.
    Hope this helps u.

    amberish trivedi

    can u send me r2 signalling trace
    i have all trunks which are working on ccs7 signalling
    so i have no r2 trace
    i want to clarify that in r2 also there is 16 timeslot for signalling and in ccs7 also 16 timeslot is for signalling
    so what difference there in between
    pls give me link or explore it
    it is very urgent because my new assignment is on mfc r2 signalling


    in SS7, anywhere in the channel ( except TS 0 ) can be used as signaling link which can cater to some 1052 circuits, whereas for the R2, it is fixed on TS 16 of every E1

    amberish trivedi

    hi agentorange
    what i want to clarify is that in R2 there is 16 timelsot of every el is dedicated for siganllign and from that 16 timeslot 4,4 bit is divided for 1 tch.
    so in ss7 how dedicated signalling timeslot 16 or whatever it be is divided between 31 tch.

    can u explain that
    thanking you for ur reply


    Hi ALL,

    Do u have enough knowledge abt GSM channels, if yes—–If I have 3 freq in one cell then how is the TCH, SDCCH & CTRL channel config usig Combined and Non combined……

    Waiting for U…..


    amberish trivedi

    hi sami
    i am giving u general idea because in tch,sdcch and ccch configuration u need not to think about no of frequencies.
    Frquency will come in picture when u will put that trx in hopping or non hopping mode.
    now there is 2 mode for control channel configuration:
    1)combined configuration
    As ur BCCh will be on 0th timeslot and other 7 timeslot will be TCH.
    so here ur sdcch will be also on 0th timeslot with bcch+sdcch/4 it will share the timeslot 0 with bcch.
    2)now in noncombined mode ur sddch will be on 1st timelsot and bcch will be on 0th timeslot and other 6 timeslot will be on tch.
    so here bcch+sdcch/8 configuration will be made.
    so here u dont need to worry about freq.
    if still any doubt then tell me.
    dont hesitate.


    Hi Ambrish,

    This is in response with AXE BSC.

    Can you explain a bit abt LAPD Concentration and mUltiplexing.



    Harshvadan Jani

    Hello all
    Can anybody tell me what is Concentrated signalling, Unconcentrated signalling & Multiplex signalling


    R2 is in-band CAS signaling while C7/SS7 is an out-of-band common channel. R2 uses ch 16 (or TS 15) on every E1 for all signaling/call setup/tear-down for that particular E1. It also uses MF or DTMF for the setup. C7/SS7 uses 64Kbs or 56Kbs channel that can be part of the E1/T1(i.e. ISDN or F-Links) or on a seperate facility(A-Links). All signaling b/w two switches can be done on that same link (thus can handle thousands of call setup on one channel). R2 implementation also varies from country to country(how they pattern the forward and backwards tone for instance)

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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