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Setting KPI Targets

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    Each year we have to come up with numbers to set KPI targets for year end. This takes quite some time; still these numbers are mostly subjective rather being based on data. This thread is to share ideas on how to come up with reasonable KPI targets for year end.

    I know there can be long debates about any of the strategies but this is to list broad ideas; specifics can be dealt with later.

    – Take last few years of data and apply a percentage increase in KPIs. We can get a number for the whole network and then apply another strategy to spread it across BSCs / Cells. This will be a top down approach.

    – Make broad classification of cells; urban, rural, road side, border, etc. Say we come up with 5 classes. We can pick the average value of KPIs in each class and set those values to be our per cell target KPI. Then translate this to the whole network. This will be a bottom-up strategy.

    – Come up with a list of optimizations techniques (trials) for coming year. Approximate KPI improvement from each trial. Come of with a number. Then translate it to cell level. This will be a top-down approach.

    Any other suggestions. Please help come up with logical strategies that are based on data. Assume we have cell level data available for last two/three years.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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