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Reversion to ald channel on Ericsson

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    Can somebody help me:
    What will be the reason to have too much Reversion to old channel HO on one particularly relation. For example:
    800 attempts only 8 successes and 792 ROC.


    Hi Momo,
    check couple BCCH/BSIC in the area. They should be different. It happens that (let’s say) cell A has HO with cell B and sees another cell with the same BCCH/BSIC as cell B (which is different cell) and attempts to make HO. In that case will fail.


    Hi Momo,

    As i knew it there is revesion to old channel counter HO_REV10 = reversion during 10 second. In my opinion reversion channel Ho to old lead by :
    1. Power issue that could be lead transmission flicker
    2. Hardware issue ( DRU, TX and RX ) Trial Lock and Unlock mostly working
    3. Reset CF or TG

    Good Luck

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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