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For Pix : MR Preprocess in ALU B10/11

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    Hi, I want to know if the below Parameter(Feature) is available in ALU-B10/11 :

    MR Pre-Processing :
    When this parameter is set to NO, the BSC preprocesses the measurement reports. In this case, the Transfer Original MR, Transfer BS/MS Power Class, and Sent Freq.of preprocessed MR parameters are invalid.

    When this parameter is set to YES, the signaling on the Abis interface and the load of the BSC are reduced. Thus, the response time is shortened and the network performance is improved.

    When setting this parameter, you should determine whether the BTS supports the configured power control algorithms


    hi mickey,

    no, this feature is not available in ALU. MR are processed in the BSC only, the BTS doesn’t do any kind of preprocessing.



    Thanks Pix,

    Any info of this feature in B11/12 or B13??

    Well this infact helps making powercontrol fast..
    Any suggestions to make PC fast in ALU with parameter settings.



    yes, you can speed up the PC algo by reducing the averaging windows A_LEV_PC and A_QUAL_PC.

    You can also reduce:

    MS_P_CON_ACK from 3 to 2
    MS_P_CON_INT from 1 to 0

    BS_P_CON_ACK from 3 to 2
    BS_P_CON_INT from 1 to 0

    That will fasten your PC.

    I can’t comment on B12 or B13.



    Many of the BTSs in my BSC shows the alarm ” synch clock not locked in the network ” ..what may its effects be ??
    and gprs is not accessible in some of the BTSs’ even though packet data channel is allotted in those btss..the agprs links show data flow ..will anyone explain please why gprs is not accessible the said btss ??

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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