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DT Call Setup Failure: CM Service Reject

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    Dear Engineers,
    I am working on a network and am experiancing CM Service after immediate assignment and reject with cause 101 “message incompatible with protocol stack”. This was experianced in a script testing where SMS was sent before this Call attempt. Looking for reasons for this rejection cause. All ideas / suggestions welcome.


    The CM Layer is the NAS layer entity and Plays a Vital Role during the Call Set up. One of the reasons, for the CM service Reject Message could be the Failure in the Security procedures. I would recommend checking the IMSI values on the SIM. Are you running this test case on a simulator ??


    Thanks Jai,
    Actually it was a test case and it turns out it occurs if some System generated SMS is to be sent after a call and another call is made form the same MS in this interval.


    Hello Mania

    I have encountered same issue can you clarify what system generated SMS

    What is the preferred call interval to prevent such a scenario

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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