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RTC drop

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    Hi experts,

    I have problem with RTC drop increased after change single cell to concentric cell. It’s happened only for 1 site after the changes. Upon checking, I observed that certain TRE facing RTC drop at certain hour and then cleared by next hour. No alarms observed.
    Action perform:
    1. Locked TRE – no more drop at some locked TRE but other case the drop move to other TRE in same sector.
    2. Changed TRE
    3. Changed ANC for drop which move to other TRE on same sector.
    4. Check counter for Aint:C750 & C751.No issue with Atermux TS.

    We have monitor QoS daily but drop still present. Sometime it’s happened in same TRE and sometimes in different TRE. This is ALU network. Pls help…

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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