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Ericsson 3G feature

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    Hi all,
    I want to know about two feature in Ericsson 3G:
    IRC&HOPB/EHOSR and DYMA. All I know is that they are related to 3G on 900MHz and they are use to provide better qulity and to improve 2G Call Drop Rate.
    Can somebody help me. If there is some kind of documentation or links in internet I will be very grateful.
    Thanks a lot.


    Come on guys nobody doesn’t know? I am sure that some of you are familiar with this features:). Tell me what is the whole name .Because I really don’t know and I can’t find anything


    Hi Toma IRC sounds like interference reject combining. But this is a feature for improvemento the uplink interference and therefore improvement of drop call. We have this feature in our GSM network. Never eard of it for UMTS (i’ll check if exist in 3g and I’ll let you know). Dyma is also a gsm feature


    Hm it is possible .I know this feature IRC.But the other part &HOPB/EHOSR is totally new for me and i dont know anything about it.DYMA, yes i found almost everything about it.


    Hi Toma,
    is it possible to send me some descriptions for these features
    Is these feature are just for Ericsson or there are similar in other vendors as NSN and ALU?
    Thank you in advance…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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