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Hybrid FH?

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    Hi, Please brief what is the Hybrid FH ? and how it work? what kind of situation we apply it?


    hybrid FH probably refers to a “mixed” usage of SFH and BBH, depending on the numbner of trx in the cell:
    if the cell has 3 TRX or less – SFH is used with a MA list of 4 freq.
    if the cell has 4 TRX or more – BBH is used

    indeed, with a hopping list containing less than 4 freq., the freq diversity is not optimal. But above 4 freq in the list, there is not much more gain. The ideal value is 4.


    Dear Pix,

    Thanks very much for your kindly contribution.

    Yes, after check in the system I try to configure with Hybrid FH is correct to your mention.

    Huawei BSC6900

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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