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Finding the frequency of antenna

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    Hi all,

    if you are given a antenna having no labeling on it, no specification sheets, no marking nothing at all, just the antenna alone.

    i want to know how can we find out the operating frequency range for it?



    mkt, open it and measure the length of the dipoles ! 🙂

    or connect a signal generator to it and measure the broadcasted signal. The peak gain will be in the optimal freq band.


    thanks for reply Pix.

    I am in a situation where i have been given these antennas which were earlier being used with a CDMA BTS.

    Now i have to use them at a GSM site.

    As far as my understanding goes antennas are passive and nothing to do with the technology radiated through them.

    In order to find out whether my frequency band of GSM900 will work ok or not with these antenna can i use the
    VSWR testing method?



    yes, probably, but the difference might be very small… don’t you know whether the CDMA network was in 900 or 1800 ?
    How large is the antenna ? 1800 antennas are narrower than 900.

    Is it a cross polar antenna ?

    yes, antennas do not care about the tech used. Only the frequency band is iomportant.


    It was CDMA 900

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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