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Exclusive Handover behaviour

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    Hi all,
    This is a case of collocated BTS.
    One of the BTS is city BTS with sectors ABC while the other is a highway BTS with sectors A&B.
    The antennas of both are on the same tower but at different heights.
    Height of Highway antenna B is 40m, BW=30, Azimuth= 240, gain= don’t know
    The height of city antenna C is 30m, BW= 65, Azimuth =230, gain= 17dbi
    Now what is the problem:
    Let us say that the location of both the antennas is X
    And let us draw a highway from X, like this
    Where the town is spread on both sides of highway up to the point Y.
    After the point Y, we have this highway on which we need to provide the coverage.
    But what is happening is that even in the town periphery between X and Y all the MS are doing C1 to highway BTS as the Rxlevels are stronger than city BTS.
    All the traffic of city is getting passed through the highway BTS but I want that the city BTS should pick the traffic of city and after the point Y the highway BTS should serve.
    How can I do this?
    If I go for C2, that will be short relief as immediately after going the dedicated mode the MS will receive HO command to perform handover to highway BTS.
    Do we have any option to define handover behavior exclusively among two cells ?
    I doubt that if I modify the HO margin then the behavior of cell will be same for other cells also in its relation, that I don’t want.
    What do you suggest?




    I want to know if the effect of CRO is taken into account by MS in the measurement reports or not?

    if no,

    then what is benefit we achieve through CRO if

    eventually MS lands to a cell with better Rx level.


    hi mkt,

    i have only short time to answer you.
    in your situation :
    activate C2 criterion on both cells

    CRO of city cell = 6dB (or more)
    Temporary offset = OdB
    Penalty-time = 20s

    CRO of highway cell = 0dB
    Temporary Offset of HW cell = 6dB
    Penalty-time of HW cell = 20s

    HO Margin (city, HW) = 10dB (or more)
    HO Margin (HW, city) = 5dB

    ho margins do not modify behaviour with other neighbours.

    if you have questions, let me know 🙂



    thanks pix



    i did what you suggested but it has not effect.

    still the traffic in highway cell is 35 erlangs and in the city it is 9 eralangs


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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